How to improve your overall equipment effectiveness



Step 1 Track your process information

Your effectiveness is affected by these 6 most common losses: Equipment failure, Setup and adjustments, Idling and minor stops, Reduced speed, Process defects, Reduced yield. By keeping track of the data of these 6 losses you will create a report on how much percent of production time your equipment is effectively producing your products.
Step 2 Chose wich loss is the most effective to solve

Chose wich loss can be solved straigh away or shows the biggest guarantee to succes for your overall equipment effectiveness. Make a plan to take countermeasures.
Step 3 Implementation of countermeasures

Brief your team with the new methods to take action. Buy the material needed and implement new techniques. The overall equipment effectiveness depends on the pro-active mentality of you and your team.
The best way to practice the tree steps mentioned above is to use special software like Nautilus to improve your OEE.