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A railway timetable provides an overview of the tracks. It helps to know which train will be at which station at what time. Similarly, it is extremely helpful to have an overview of which employee is executing which task at which location. Firstly to ensure that things don’t go off track. Secondly, an employee timetable makes it possible to optimize business processes.

Maes Insights uses employee timetables to create a functional overview of your business processes. The timetable shows the route of each employee. We do a minute-by-minute analysis of the tasks being executed, and record the time. First on paper and then in Excel, so the timing of each type of task can be quantified. The resulting picture can sometimes be shocking, but it always provides clarity.

Each employee has his strengths. By comparing quantified data, we reveal where employees can learn from each other. We present the results of this analysis to the employees in a PowerPoint presentation, after which we start a discussion to determine areas for improvement in the work process. This simple method can achieve significant process optimization.

Results of employee timetables:

  • More efficient processes
  • Individual development
  • Stronger teams
  • Time savings

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