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Many parameters influence the quality of an injection molding process and its end product. To safeguard constant end-product quality and achieve a robust process, an injection molding process must be constructed step by step. Each step can be analyzed and optimized separately. Where to start when the wastage rate exceeds the target?

Maes Insights has the insight, knowledge and experience to supervise and optimize each step of the injection molding process. Why are products rejected, and what is the true cause? Maes Insights zooms in on those aspects that cause the end product not to meet the requirements. We determine which process parameters can influence these aspects. We analyses each step and describe it in a flow chart. That way, we can reveal the problem.

After the wastage analysis, process optimization is the next logical step. The process parameters concerned have now been identified and can be adjusted. Maes Insights uses Scientific Process Engineering Software, which can make turn-key calculations of the optimum process parameters. The reliability of this approach is backed by the results: for example, the calculations were able to predict the variation in product size with an error margin of only 0.165%. That way, you can predetermine whether a process will meet the requirements, and thus minimize product failure or wastage.

A few advantages of wastage analysis:

  • Process optimization
  • Time savings
  • Reduced product defects
  • Higher returns

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