8 reasons why you should try our software


Reliable processes
You can start using an OEE system on a single machine or process and continue to expand its implementation until it is employed across multiple production plants. This scalability means it becomes a very versatile system, one that can be adapted to any company, regardless of its size.
Higher yields
Companies make large investments in machinery and need to achieve the maximum return on their investment in the shortest possible time. The objective of OEE is precise to obtain maximum productivity of these processes and the OEE return on investment since its implementation is high. Besides, the payback is fast.
Less waste
The costs associated with defective products are, at companies around the globe, one of the biggest causes of economic loss. By combining OEE and technology we get more effective traceability systems, which allows us to find the source of a decline in quality. Minimize repetition and defective products are key and this generates huge cost savings.
Faster product development
It is essential to reduce production losses and achieve greater competitiveness. For example, if a production line is capable of making 100 pieces per hour, but is only producing 60, the OEE indicates why that line is failing, in this way helping to increase the competitiveness of the company.
Fewer process changes
Using reliable real-time information means that plant personnel can be aware of how they are really working, which enables the activation of immediate improvement actions across all levels. OEE provides information on the detailed origin of production losses, and this is the starting point from which to improve plant productivity.
Fewer interventions
Knowing the actual performance of the machinery goes hand-in-hand with knowing whether or not the machine is working properly, or whether there are issues that may lead to the need for future repair. Having an OEE system that is able to anticipate these events (analyzing unexpected shutdowns, reduced speeds, etc.) represents a major saving in both preventive maintenances of machinery, as well as in the high costs associated with the failure of the machine itself.​
Shorter lead times
One of the biggest benefits of using an OEE system is that the performance of machines increases rapidly from the time of implementation. Its application is perfectly suited to both obtaining the maximum performance from the new equipment of the production line, and to implementing it to other machines that are already working.
Substantiated change in processes
Only what is measured can be managed and improved. It is very important to know whether a production process is efficient or inefficient, and how we can optimize it. The OEE allows the quantification of efficiency and the uncovering of the actual operation of the production processes. This information is crucial because with it you are able to take appropriate measures to obtain improvement. In turn, the OEE is a standard measurement tool used worldwide and whose growth is exponential.