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Your question is our starting point. Maes Insights offers consultancy, courses and software to optimize processes in the plastics industry. We deliver customized service, using the latest developments and scientific insights. On top of that, we’re fast, independent and pragmatic.


Maes Insights empowers the plastics industry through our independent, state of the art expertise of all there is to know about plastics, engineering processes and management in the plastics industry. Building on many years of experience, we’ll use our practical insights to optimize your product development and business processes, boosting your efficiency and your team’s results. We aim to provide maximum facilitation for innovation processes. Read more…


The best solution for every engineering challenge in the plastics industry! Efficient and accurate scientific processing software reveals incisive data to design and develop robust molding processes. Nautilus Software will produce tangible results, like higher yields, reduced scrap, reduced engineering time, fewer process changes, fewer human interventions, fewer quality inspections and optimized cycle times. Read more…


Maes Insights has already trained over 1500 people in the plastics industry to apply the latest insights into their day-to-day work. We believe that training should be truly engaging. That is why we’ve combined training with entertainment to create our highly effective, interactive and pragmatic courses. We aim for the right mix of theoretical and practical knowledge, customizing our courses entirely to match the participants’ specific workplace situation. Read more…

Robert Maes

As a teenager, Robert Maes earned some money cleaning a plastics production facility. Nowadays, he is a plastics specialist providing support to high-level decision-makers in the plastics industry. Robert and his partners possess highly specialized knowledge of plastics production processes. And since he started from the bottom up, Robert knows exactly what he is talking about. He also keeps abreast of the growing opportunities within the plastics industry, as well as the latest market developments. He likes to share his technical knowledge and management insights, and does so quite effectively. Robert’s resolve and his passion for plastics make him an excellent partner in innovation.

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