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Investments with high quality results

Automated Assembly

If you need a large volume of products assembled, it may be a good option to create an automated assembly process that doesn’t need human involvement directly. Automation is an option that pays for itself over time and adds value through machine interaction. Automation can include part movement between work stations, fastening, welding, and kitting.

Semi-Automated Assembly

If you don’t have a large volume or product, or need a minimum amount of human work competed, a semi-automated assembly process may be the right choice. Semi-automated may offer a balance between lower volume workflow and cost impact to the final product.

Manual Assembly

Some products may only require a small volume at a specific frequency, or have intricate details that can’t be done with a simple machine. In those cases, we have world-class technicians that can manually assemble your product to your exact specifications. This method offers low cost investment with high quality results.

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