Nautilus Scientific Process Engineering Software



Mold machine compatibility matrix

Design of experiments (DOE)

6-Step study worksheets


In the demo walktrough below we show all the main features inside the Nautilus. For a full review or quotation of the software please contact us. You can also download the 30 day trial version of the software.


  • Databases for molds, materials and machines.
  • Easy to customize.
  • Easy to export and import file formats.

Mold Machine Compatibility Matrix

  • Automaticly creates a matrix from your databases.
  • Quick and easy check the compatibilty for any mold.
  • Criteria can be selected by the user.

6-Step Study Worksheets

  • Helps in shot to shot consistancy.
  • Quickly create a bigger window for acceptable parts.
  • Improves efficiency.

Design of Experiments (DOE)

  • Find factors with the most influence on the quality.
  • Get to know how selected dimensions respond to each of the experiments.
  • Predict the most optimum process.
  • Graphical and easy display.

Apart from the features mentioned above, there are other features that can be used for documentation, checking the quality and various calculation tools.

With the increasing use of advanced concepts in Injection Molding, Scientific Molding Software and Design of Experience Software for Injection Molding are becoming increasingly necessary to manage the projects more efficiently. Maes Insights provides the training in Scientific Injection Molding and also provides the tools for all the molding qualifictions and molding validations. The use of Scientific Molding has greatly enhanced the efficiency of the molding operations.