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Various activities are involved in injection molding. People can be trained separately for important tasks. For example for the conversion of injection molding machines.

Thanks to a structured method, it takes less time and money to convert and set up injection molding machines. That is why many companies employ employees who are specifically tasked with this task. Maes Insights can train them for you.​

​Duration 45 hours | Skill Level Experienced


  • insight into the extrusion process
  • quality assurance
  • system and organization
  • process analysis and control cards
  • build-up control card
  • quality manual
  • set conditions for processes
  • requirements and costs
  • basic statistics: histogram, normal distribution, mean and spread (calculate)
  • determine variability
  • statistical process control
  • view and understand internal QSP system
  • measuring instruments
  • problem analysis on the basis of own measurement results
  • cause and symptom of extrusion problems,
  • distinguishing and problem solving

Skills covered in this course

  • the injection molding machine and the machine setting card
  • control equipment
  • auxiliary and peripherals
  • start and stop procedures of the injection molding process
  • set the mold
  • set up the injection molding machine
  • raw materials and products; material preparation

Afterwards, the student knows

  • the main components of an injection molding machine and mold
  • the operation of the injection molding machine and injection mold
  • the correct order and method of conversion
  • the procedure to start up a simple injection molding process independently
  • common process failures and the steps to correct them

For use in

  • injection molding operators
  • machine operators
  • mechanics
  • maintenance personnel
  • production personnel

Work and think level

  • technical insight
  • sufficient knowledge of the Dutch language


The course can be adapted for each level in consultation with the company.

Lesson materials

  • Syllabus

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