Molding Validations

The molding processes need to be validated to ensure that the customer will receive the molded parts or their assemblies as per the specified requirements. The process begins with the the plastic pellet coming into the shop and leaving a finished product. Therefore every sub-process, equipment and the procedures that are involved in this transformation need to be checked to see if they are capable of contributing to the molding of the product. This procedure is called Validation. Based on the type of industry these validations have different names and protocols. The Automotive Industry calls it PPAP (Pre Production Approval Process) whereas the medical industry calls it IQ-OQ-PQ (Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification, Process Qualification).  Other industries or captive molders have their own internal acronyms and protocols.

With the increasing use of advanced concepts in Injection Molding, Scientific Molding Software and Design of Experience Software for Injection Molding are becoming increasingly necessary to manage the projects more efficiently. Maes provides the training in Scientific Injection Molding and also provides the tools for all the molding qualifictions and molding validations. The use of Scientific Molding has greatly enhanced the efficiency of the molding operations.