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We’ve now been working with Maes Insights for three years, always with great results. Maes Insights is expert, loyal, pleasant and determined. A strong set of USPs!

“Supported by Maes, we are able to take huge steps forwards. We progress steadily and obtained control of product failure.”

“The developments in the plastics industry progress rapidly. Maes Insights keeps you posted.”

New camera – mini box

Re- validate Avent

Drainage end piece, start up the machine and set up the process

Nautilus software en training, lesstof ontwikkeling

Education and innovative solutions

Process guidance, test spraying

Interim change manager, staff training



Injection molding process validation

Extrusion process research advice

Scientific extrusion training by creating a DoE (design of experiments) process window

Guest trainer

Developed extrusion blowing matrix

Injection molding training

Nautilus software


Guest trainer developing injection molding 3 and test injection training

Interim change project, training staff at the Flemish plastics centre


  • Broad industry knowledge
  • Large relationship network
  • Your injection mold broker
  • High support level
  • High quality education level