Design of Experiments voor spuitgieten

Design of Experiments is een techniek of het uitvoeren van een reeks geplande experimenten om het effect van de verwerkingsparameters op de kwaliteit van het onderdeel te bestuderen. In zijn [...]

Scientific Molding – The 6-Step Study

At what temperature does the viscosity graph need to be performed?

A question that frequently gets asked in my seminar is ‘If there is a recommended temperature range, at what melt temperature does the viscosity graph need to be performed – the high end or the [...]

During first shots – Never look at your part dimensions unless …

One of my customers called me since he was having issues with one of their new molds and parts. He had visited the mold maker for first shots that resulted in parts being out of spec. The mold [...]

Back Pressure – The misunderstood molding parameter

When I teach the concept of Back Pressure in my seminars almost always one of the attendees will say ‘Increasing back pressure will increase the melt temperature’. That is absolutely true! [...]

How does design of experiments (DoE) work?

HOW DoE WORKS Based on the users selected parameters the software designs the needed experiments to find out the effects each parameter has on the end product. In de Tornedo chart below the [...]

How to improve your overall equipment effectiveness

HOW TO ​IMPROVE OEE Step 1 Track your process information Your effectiveness is affected by these 6 most common losses: Equipment failure, Setup and adjustments, Idling and minor stops, Reduced [...]

How many molding parameters truly make a difference in the quality of the part?

MOLDING PARAMETERS There are 11+2 molding parameters that make a difference in the quality of the part. Why the +2? The first phase is the Injection Phase where the cavity is filled with molten [...]

How Packing Pressure influences the mold dimensions

Packing Pressure This video shows how packing pressure influences the dimensions of the mold. <iframe src=”″ width=”640″ [...]