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Develop yourself and the team effectively

360 degree feedback is one of the techniques that Maes Insights can apply to optimize business operations in the plastics processing industry. Previously, feedback was mainly thought to be the top-down indication of specific points for improvement. 360 degree feedback is a method that breaks through this one-way traffic and looks at the functioning in the work process from all sides.

Feedback is essential to optimize functioning as a person or team. You cannot improve the work process if you are insufficiently aware of its strengths and weaknesses. Maes Insights first analyzes how the work processes run by interviewing the key figures within your company. Our questions are aimed at uncovering those elements that are crucial for optimizing processes within the plastics industry.

Everyone who forms a link in the work process is involved in optimizing it. Feedback providers use a questionnaire to indicate what they think of the behavior and skills of the feedback receiver. Feedback recipients can be supervisors, team members, or the team as a whole. The feedback providers are employees, colleagues, managers and the feedback receiver(s) themselves. This not only highlights areas for improvement, but also qualities. Essential data if you want to optimally deploy an individual or team!

This can lead to a significant improvement. We then apply the results of the 360 degree feedback to determine how process improvements can be implemented. Weaknesses can be addressed. But in addition, as an organization you get a good picture of who can best be deployed where and how.

Results of 360 degree feedback:

  • process optimization;
  • individual development;
  • stronger teams;
  • more agile organization.